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Please enter your grievance with (or thank you to) the City of York Council and its Councillors. The big box is a "rich text" box, so you can add links etc.

Type in your post - if a grievance, please start the post with "My human rights were abused by the Council because ...... Or for a Thank you "my Human Rights have been enhanced by ....... It is useful to quote dates and times.

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In order to add a post to this database, you need to be logged in.

When you add a post, you will create an entry in the member's area under My Posts. The post will appear there whether its type is "Published" or Unpublished". The "Unpublished" setting allows you to create a post but prevent it being shown publicly on the Home page.

Most of the fields are self explanatory:

  • Title or Heading for your post: Name of post (max 80 characters)

  • Display Name: Your name (will be displayed publicly if the post is published) - default is profile name

  • Postcode: Please type in your postcode.

  • Type: Default is Published. Changing the setting to Unpublished will prevent the post being shown on the Home page.

  • Please add a (small) image file that represents the post. It looks best if it is square and max size is 1 mb. If no image is provided, the post will show the default logo for this site.

  • Category: Please see the page on Human Rights for details of the categories.

  • Est Claim £: Estimated amount to claim.

  • Classification: Grievance or Thank you

  • Telegram ID: Default is your email address. If you are on Telegram, please type in your Telegram id - @xxxxxxx

If you have any queries, please send an email to the project team:

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